Why We Like Sophos

January 30, 2017


Our Choice in Essence


We look for emerging suppliers who are delivering unique value in the security space. Sophos meet every requirement of our supplier choice criteria.


Sophos are practically the only security vendor in the world enjoying healthy year on year growth.   In five years, they have moved from being a niche UK Antivirus vendor to a global specialist in security.  Their expanding Security Solution has already expanded to embrace:


  • Endpoint,

  • Perimeter,

  • Wireless,

  • Encryption, and

  • Mobile Management.


This Solution Suite addresses nearly every security issue for the overwhelming majority of businesses.  People forget that the vast majority of employees and problems are in the small to medium enterprise space.   Sophos haven’t.  


Finally, they make the solutions work together (Synchronised Security) to deliver unique security value that sets them apart from all the established Gorillas in the Security Space.


This is why they are our lead supplier.     


The Apple of the Security World


One key thing we really like about Sophos is that they are the Apple of the Security world.  


Sophos are moving the implementation of Security measures from being the domain of an expensive tech-geek security specialists – to making it available to ordinary mortals – i.e. the vast majority of us.   They are creating security solutions that just work without having to tinker under the hood every 10-12 miles to keep things working.  


Sophos have embraced the design discipline essentially created by Apple’s approach – of UX or User Experience design. UX design was believed to have been coined in the early Nineties by cognitive scientist Donald Norman when he joined technology giant, Apple.  Their approach is a synthesis of great design (Steve Wozniak) with excellent marketing (Steve Jobs).  The two approaches together require an excellent user experience (marketing & design), desirability (marketing & design) with an accessible price point (marketing & design). 


UX design champions the User’s perspective, and when you focus on supplying great User Experience you can compete in extraordinary ways.  




Sophos have pioneered Synchronised Security. They make the different components of their Security Suite work together. They have wrong footed the IT giants like Cisco, Symantec and Palo Alto with this approach by making all their technologies work together. 


So, a perimeter firewall detecting that an endpoint is not secure (because it has been infected with a virus – or is a virus infected home laptop plugged into the company network) will prevent it from accessing the Internet, isolate it from your servers on another subnet. If it is a company laptop with encryption – it will shred the local decryption keys to prevent malware from accessing sensitive company data on the laptop. Part of the soon to be delivered feature is to further isolate the machine (which already cannot talk to a malicious external agent or your company servers) by instructing all the good machines to reconfigure their local firewall to ignore the compromised device. Basically, all the other devices will essentially disappear from the infected machines perspective. Nice. 


And it will do this all automatically as well as alerting your IT to the - much smaller than it could have been - problem.  


This delivers Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) level monitoring, alerting and automatic remediation, at a ridiculous fraction of the cost of an SIEM plus the consultant man months to integrate and set it up.    


All this within the budget you already had to spend for a firewall, endpoint, encryption and mobile security. 


Enterprise Features at a Fraction of the Enterprise Price


Finally, the Sophos approach is to make Enterprise Features available to the SME marketplace. They take a useful subset of the features enjoyed by the largest companies – who for instance might need and can afford an SIEM – and make available a practical subset of functionality at an affordable price.



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January 30, 2017

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